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ToolCalculating Church Cash Flow

Scenario Results

Entries Summary

To make changes to the entries below, use the Scenario Editor to update the values.  Entries are saved so you can pick up where you left off anytime.

$0Net Income
$-0Non-Recurring Income
$0Lease/Mortgage Expense
$0Depreciation & Amortization
$0Non-Recurring Expenses

The Calculations

$0Church Cash Flow

The Church Cash Flow calculation above represents the Total Cash Flow calculation based on the figures entered in the Scenario Editor.  Positive Church Cash Flow is essential to qualify for a Church Loan.

Potential Loan Amount

Using the Church Cash Flow figure above, I backed into potential low and high-end loan amounts.  The actual interest rates you qualify for and the amortization period used will impact the loan amount. 

Check out my article How Are Church Loan Rates Calculated to learn more about what affects interest rates.

$0Low End
$0High End

Keep in mind that many other factors are considered for a loan request.
The calculations provided here are for illustration purposes to support the lesson.

Check out my lesson on Calculating Church Loan Payments to see how much down payment, monthly loan payment, and other costs you might expect to pay based on the loan values calculated below.

Scenario Editor

Learn More About Church Cash Flow

Purchasing a Property?

Are you looking at purchasing a church property? It is common for a lender to require a minimum down payment of 25% – 30%.  Check out the lesson Church Property Buyer Guide to get an idea of the size of the property you may need for your congregation size and potential cost.