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I built this site as a quick and easy way for Pastors & Church Leaders to become empowered & stay informed in the Church Loan process so that we together we can build Financially Healthier Churches.

How Church Loan Tools Works

If you are a Church looking to learn more about applying for a Church Loan, choose a Tool related to the topic you are interested in learning about.  Each tool allows you to see different pieces of the process and learn how each affects your buying power.

Applying for a Church Loan can be a great experience if adequately prepared.  To help you become better prepared, check out the articles section.  Here I discuss in more detail how the tools work and other topics that will help your Church become Financially Healthier.

To get started, click on any Tool below.  If you are unsure where to start, try Calculating Church Cash Flow.

Book A Meeting With Me

Are you applying for a Church Loan?  The best way to get the whole team on the same page is for us to meet in person, or over video chat.  Whether you have started talking to lenders or not, book a meeting with me to learn more about the process and be better prepared.

Latest Articles

News & Tips To Help Your Church Grow.

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What Is Church Cash Flow

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Relatable Lessons

Real-world lessons with easy-to-understand tools.

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Trusted Tools

Based on the most effective methods I've used for over a decade.

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Easy to Use

Each tool is designed to be simple and straightforward.