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Choose a Lesson based on the topic you are interested in learning about.  Once you have read the lesson, check out the Lesson Tool.  The Lesson Tool is the key to taking your learning to the next level.  It is designed to help you see how it relates to your Church.

To get started, click on any Lessons below.  If you are unsure where to start, try Calculating Church Cash Flow.  No matter where you start, each Lesson focuses on an aspect of the Church Loan process, complementing one another.  So no matter where you start, you won’t go wrong.

Book A Meeting With Me

Are you applying for a Church Loan?  The best way to get the whole team on the same page is for us to meet in person, or over video chat.  Whether you have started talking to lenders or not, book a meeting with me to learn more about the process and be better prepared.

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