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Scenario Overview


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Estimate Summary

Total Attendance0
Square Feet0
Property Cost$0

The total average attendance is . Based on the average attendance figures and baseline estimates I’ve used over the years, the total square feet you may need is estimated at SF “under the roof.”  Multiplying the total square foot figure and the price per square foot selected, the property cost is estimated at $.

Please note that the information provided only pertains to the sanctuary and children/youth areas and does not consider the availability of restroom facilities, parking, fellowship hall, or other areas.  It is assumed that the total land needed to accommodate the facility is included in the property cost and PPSF figures.

To factor in additional expenses such as parking space, fellowship hall, or other facilities, it’s advisable to increase the PPSF. This approach is especially useful for larger churches utilizing this tool.

After finalizing the property cost to your satisfaction, utilize the Church Loan Payment Calculator to approximate the loan payment. Additionally, make use of the Church Cash Flow Calculator to assess if your cash flow is adequate.

If you need guidance on how to begin or understand the data, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through the chat widget on this website. I am here to assist you with your project and would be pleased to provide any necessary aid.

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Of course! To use the scenario editor, simply log in and you’re all set! This way, any changes you make will be saved to your account and you can access them whenever you want. It’s super easy and convenient!

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