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To make changes to the entries below, use the Scenario Editor to update the values.  Entries are saved so you can pick up where you left off anytime.

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0-years Amortization

The Calculations

$0Monthly Payment
$0Debt Service
$0Suggested Cash Flow

Notice how the amortization period can impact the payment.  More extended amortization periods offer a lower payment but increase the cost of the loan.  Likewise, more significant changes in the interest rate will also affect the loan’s monthly payment and interest cost.  An estimate of the interest cost is included below.

A key calculation to note is the Suggested Calculation.  This represents the amount of Chuch Cash Flow you should have to cover the loan payments and put funds in reserves.  Check out the Calculating Church Cash Flow lesson for more on this topic.

$0Interest Cost
$0Principal Payments
$0Ending Balance

The calculations above represent an estimate of the total interest and principal that would be paid over the loan term.  You would need to refinance or pay off the loan in full at the end of the loan.

Check out my article How Are Church Loan Rates Calculated? to better understand loan rates.

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