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Scenario Overview

Loan Amount$0
Interest Rate0.00%

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Estimate Summary

Debt Service$0
Ending Balance$0
Cash Flow$0

According to the loan terms provided, the estimated monthly payment comes to $. Additionally, the annual payment, or debt service, amounts to $.

At the conclusion of the term, which is calculated to be years, the total amount of interest and principal paid is estimated to be $ and $ respectively.  This results in an estimated ending balance in the amount of $.

According to the standard cash flow ratio of 1.25 (or 125%), the Church Cash Flow must be a minimum of $.  Since some lenders may permit a lower Church Cash Flow threshold, it should be noted that this is a suggested minimum amount.

Loan Payment Chart

This chart shows the amount of money that goes towards the payment’s principal and interest ($) throughout the year loan term. 

In order to simplify the chart, only the last payment made in the year is displayed. This means that Payment (Year) 1 is the same as payment #12, payment (Year) 2 is the same as payment #24, and so on.

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